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5-Year Old Mahmoud Needs Your Help to Get a New Arm

15241401_1550177575069781_6016252056858991677_nThis is Mahmoud. He’s five years old.

He lived in Aleppo, Syria.

He lost his arm in Aleppo, in the bombing that is a tragic part of Syria’s ongoing conflict.

An arm is not all Mahmoud lost. This precious little boy is also an orphan.

Palmyra Relief wants to give Mahmoud a reason to hope, and help him have a better childhood, by helping him get a prosthetic arm.

Every pound or dollar helps.

Please help us help Mahmoud by donating whatever you can…


Witnessing War in Syria Through the Eyes Of Its Children

girlEight year old Farah says her favorite activity is helping her father, a rebel commander, build bombs. Farah was interviewed int heh PBS documentary, Children of Aleppo, and you can see her in this clip from the documentary, where she describes the day her father was nearly killed while making a bomb.

The Dire Situation in Aleppo

assessFor an in-depth understanding of the state of the humanitarian crisis — in this case, in the Syrian city of Aleppo, you can read this detailed Joint Rapid Assessment of Northern Syria – Aleppo City Assessment (PDF).

Syria ER: Performing Amputations with Little Electricity

Here’s an ABC News story from 26 October 2013 regarding medical care in Syria, and the lack of facilities, even electricity.

Syrian-American orthopedic surgeon Dr. Samer Attar, talking about his medical work near Aleppo:

“There were people who requested amputations because they couldn’t live any more with a leg with exposed bone and pus just pouring out of the wound. A number of the amputations were on children…”

Read the whole story.