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Inside Bab al-Hawa Hospital, Doctors Struggle with Wounded of Syria

Bab al-Hawa Hospital in northern Syria near the Turkish border, serves Syria’s wounded from what was once an immigration and customs building.

This Australian report describes the situation at the hospital.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The hospital, which reeked of blood, on average, treats around 40 patients a day, mainly as a result from shelling and bombings in the Idlib province. Eighty per cent of patients are civilians – the majority children.”

Read the full report.

Doctor Describes Humanitarian Nightmare In Syria

“The humanitarian situation is a nightmare. Their medical system has entirely collapsed. People are exposed to conflict and injuries from the war…”
– Brian D’Cruz, MD

Here & Now’s Robin Young interviews Dr. Brian D’Cruz, a Virginia-based emergency physician, after his return from two months in Idlib province in northern Syria with Doctors Without Borders.

This is an excellent  radio interview, as well as an article outlining Dr. D’Cruz’s experiences, broadcast and published 7 November 2013.