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Palmyra Relief Luxemborg

Many thanks to Martine and her team with Palmyra Relief Luxembourg. They spent two days in the market’s freezing cold weather raising money for Palmyra Relief from the sale of hand made items (Martine’s creations), raising €1128.  This will help us to provide more artificial limbs for the children of Syria.
الف شكر لمارتين وفريق عملها بالميرا ريليف في لوكسمبورغ 
لقد امضوا يومين في السوق في طقس جليدي من اجل جمع المال لجمعية بالميرا ريليف من خلال بيع مشغولات يدوية من تصميم مارتين.
وقد تم جمع ١١٢٨ يورو وهذا سوف يساعدنا على تركيب أطراف صناعية للأطفال السوريين المصابين.

An Update on Mahmud Harbalyie

هذه صورة الطفل محمود حربلية، قبل وبعد تركيب الطرف الصناعي. ابتسامته هي الأمل الوحيد الذي يوحي بالمستقبل. شكرا من القلب لكل من ساهم ماديا ومعنويا برسم الفرحة مجددا على وجه محمود.

Thank you to all who supported our past fundraising events for Mahmoud. In March 2016, 70 people joined us for an event, which raised £3,500 to help get a prosthetic arm for Mahmoud. He lost his arm in Aleppo, in the bombing that is a tragic part of Syria’s ongoing conflict.

Palmyra Relief successfully coordinated with Dogan Medikal in Mersin, Turkey.  Dogan has a healthcare centre whose services focus around the provision and fitting of prosthetic limbs.

During September 2018, Palmyra Relief discussed the case of Mahmud Harbalyie with Dogan Medikal and negotiated a quote for the provision of the prosthetic arm for Mahmud (who is now 8 years old).  The fitting of the prosthesis cost 13,000 Euros (this also includes hospital stays and psychological therapy sessions).  An additional 5,000 Euros cover a follow-up period of 5 years to adjust the limb as Mahmud grows.   (You can learn more about the work and services of Dogan Medikal in their PDF brochure.)


Please help us with Mahmud’s continued support, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Here are photos of Mahmud Harbalyie before and after Palmyra Relief helped with his prosthetic arm. His smile is hope for the future. We have also included a video of Mahmoud learning to use his new arm.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all who contributed directly and indirectly to his beautiful smile.

Interview with Palmyra Relief Founder Mohammed Antabli on AlAanFM

Listen to this interview with Mohammed Antabli, founder of Palmyra Relief, on AlAanFM radio. (Arabic).

Click to listen.

More Photos from the March 26 Palmyra Relief Fundraiser

Our Deepest Thanks to Colin Firth

At the Palmyra Relief Buffet Fundraiser on Sunday March 26, we were honoured to have one of our most dedicated patrons, actor Colin Firth, join us. Colin has been a committed Palmyra Relief supporter since its creation. We are deeply grateful for his continued support, and for joining us in our efforts to help the children.

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