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Amputation Rate in Syria is Double Other Wars

end of tears“Handicap International has estimated that the rate of amputations and spinal cord injuries in Syria is roughly double that of other wars. ”

Syria’s Assault on Doctors / New York Review of Books, 3 November 2013

The World is Turning Away From the Horror in Syria

sdc10368“Doctors report that demolished hospitals and humanitarian blockades have left some Syrians to suffer, awake, through amputations and Caesarean sections…As international attention to Syria wanes, all of these horrors are still happening….”

Please read this important editorial from Samer Attar .

Syria ER: Performing Amputations with Little Electricity

Here’s an ABC News story from 26 October 2013 regarding medical care in Syria, and the lack of facilities, even electricity.

Syrian-American orthopedic surgeon Dr. Samer Attar, talking about his medical work near Aleppo:

“There were people who requested amputations because they couldn’t live any more with a leg with exposed bone and pus just pouring out of the wound. A number of the amputations were on children…”

Read the whole story.