Unreachable: A Film About Palmyra Relief Founder Mohammed Antabli

Palmyra Relief founder Mohammed Antabli is featured in this short film, Unreachable, by talented new filmmaker Fatima Hashem Morales. Mohammed detailed his struggles in Syria, and his subsequent decades of exile, in his memoir, A Syrian in Exile. Since the war in Syria began, he has focused his commitment and activism to founding and running Palmyra Relief, with the goal of helping get artificial limbs for Syria’s children who have lost hands, arms and legs during the war.

“We manipulate it or play with it … it is memory. We create alternative spaces for it to occupy, leaving us without the pain of remembering. We create another fountain, another lemon tree and other jasmine flowers … they are all that “other” to replace the soul with what was lost, from what was left and not left, from what moved away and what remained close. Damascus, we carry you in our soul, so we can leave you only when angels come to take us on other journeys, to other worlds.”
~ Mohammed Antabli

We are so pleased to share this short film with you.

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