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Open Letter from Doctors: Let Us Treat Patients in Syria

lanA number of doctors are signatories to this powerful letter, published in the medical Journal Lancet, asking to be able to treat patients in Syria, without fear or interference.

Read the letter in The Lancet now.

The Dire Situation in Aleppo

assessFor an in-depth understanding of the state of the humanitarian crisis — in this case, in the Syrian city of Aleppo, you can read this detailed Joint Rapid Assessment of Northern Syria – Aleppo City Assessment (PDF).

Video Interview with Dr. Saleyha Ahsan

This SBS Dateline video interview features Dr. Saleyha Ahsan, an emergency doctor from London, talking about her experiences in Syria.


Go to the interview.

Inside Bab al-Hawa Hospital, Doctors Struggle with Wounded of Syria

Bab al-Hawa Hospital in northern Syria near the Turkish border, serves Syria’s wounded from what was once an immigration and customs building.

This Australian report describes the situation at the hospital.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The hospital, which reeked of blood, on average, treats around 40 patients a day, mainly as a result from shelling and bombings in the Idlib province. Eighty per cent of patients are civilians – the majority children.”

Read the full report.

Other Groups Supporting the Children of Syria

A number of other groups are helping to support the children of Syria. They include:

Mercy Corps
Doctors Without Borders
Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations
Syrian British Medical Society
Karam Foundation
Hand in Hand for Syria
War Child International
Doctors of the World UK

See our complete list now.

Half a Million Syrians With War Injuries

“The World Health Organization estimates there are now half a million Syrians with war injuries…”
Syria’s Assault on Doctors / New York Review of Books, 3 November 2013

Amputation Rate in Syria is Double Other Wars

end of tears“Handicap International has estimated that the rate of amputations and spinal cord injuries in Syria is roughly double that of other wars. ”

Syria’s Assault on Doctors / New York Review of Books, 3 November 2013

Doctors Fleeing Syria

stethoscope“At the beginning of 2011, there were more than 30,000 doctors practicing in Syria. Now, more than 16,000 doctors have fled, and many of those left are in hiding.”
Syria’s Assault on Doctors / New York Review of Books, 3 November 2013

Providing Medical Relief in Syria’s Conflict

“…Medicine has become a weapon of war. Omar Khalili (name changed), a UK-based emergency medicine consultant working with the Syrian British Medical Society, explains how a hospital hit by an airstrike makes headline news on state television. ‘They call it a successful mission against terrorists.'”

Dr. Saleyha Ahsan reports on the difficulties in providing medical care in Syria, in this article in the medical journal, The Lancet.

Syrian Civil War Leaves Health Services in Tatters

“Almost two-thirds of the nation’s hospitals have been badly damaged or destroyed, 92 percent of the ambulances in affected areas are out of service, and the vast majority of the nation’s doctors, nurses and other health workers have fled or have been killed. The few health care facilities that remain generally have no fuel, electricity or water…”

See the article at the San Francisco Gate.