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Can Syria Rebuild Its Devastated Health Infrastructure?

From the Huffington Post UK, 30 October 2013, a look at how the deliberate targeting of medical professionals in Syria, the departure of many medical professionals, and destruction of more than half the nation’s medical facilities will affect the ability to rebuild a health infrastructure in Syria.

Can Syria Rebuild Its Devastated Health Infrastructure?

The World is Turning Away From the Horror in Syria

sdc10368“Doctors report that demolished hospitals and humanitarian blockades have left some Syrians to suffer, awake, through amputations and Caesarean sections…As international attention to Syria wanes, all of these horrors are still happening….”

Please read this important editorial from Samer Attar .

Syria ER: Performing Amputations with Little Electricity

Here’s an ABC News story from 26 October 2013 regarding medical care in Syria, and the lack of facilities, even electricity.

Syrian-American orthopedic surgeon Dr. Samer Attar, talking about his medical work near Aleppo:

“There were people who requested amputations because they couldn’t live any more with a leg with exposed bone and pus just pouring out of the wound. A number of the amputations were on children…”

Read the whole story.

Tending to The Wounded of Syria in Turkey

19094514The Syrian Medical Centre, also known as Dar al-Istshfaa, is a refuge for those wounded in Syria requiring long-term care and rehabilitation. The centre, which has been running for more than a year, was founded by the Paris-based Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations (UOSSM), a coalition of 14 independent medical and relief organisations.

Read more about it now.