Exit Syria – Diaries from Zaatari

zaatari2An Australian documentary follows the daily lives of some of the Syrian refugees now living in a sprawling Za’atari refugee camp on the Jordanian border. Here’s how they describe it:

It’s been described as one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time, the greatest refugee crisis since World War II. Since erupting two and a half years ago, the war in Syria has claimed some 100,000 lives and caused an exodus to a scale not seen in decades. So far, millions of Syrians have been displaced and poured into neighbouring countries to live in makeshift camps under extremely harsh conditions. Za’atari is such a place. Rough, dusty, barren, the refugee camp, located on the border of Syria and Jordan is fast growing into a metropolis and now accommodates around 120,000 people. For the families struggling to survive the conditions of the desert camp – what is daily life like for them? This diary takes you right inside the refugee camp. Over the next four weeks, our crew will immerse themselves in Za’atari, giving you unprecedented insight into the lives of three refugees who agreed to share their stories – stories of resourcefulness, ingenuity and resilience in the most extraordinary circumstances.

See Exit Syria – Diaries from Zaatari.

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